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Pom Care

Grooming Tools

A slicker brush, pin brush, double-sided metal comb with wide teeth, pair of curved scissors and nail clippers. I also recommend a grooming table, dog blow dryer and Emmi Pet tooth brush. 



Although tiny, Poms boast having quite a thick double coat which consists of a very soft undercoat and a longer, straight outer one. As such, they do need to be regularly brushed to keep on top of things and to prevent their undercoats from matting.

As with other breeds, they tend to shed more during the Spring and then again in the Autumn when more frequent brushing is necessary.

It's important to teach your puppy that a grooming session is something to look forward to which means the experience always should be a good one.

The ideal grooming routine for your Pom is to brush them every other day and then once a week to given their coats a thorough groom, checking their nails and ears. It's a good idea to wipe away any tear stains using a soft, damp cloth to do so. It's also extremely important to keep an eye on a Pom's teeth and to brush them every day using a dog-specific toothpaste and/or using an Emi Pet tooth bfush, which is the only way of reducing the risk of them developing dental problems.


Please do your research before deciding on clipping your Pom! We highly advise against the ‘teddy bear’ cut or any type of clipping. Your Poms thick double coat is at risk of irreversible damage due to fashion cuts. Please research thoroughly before deciding ‘Coat funk’ or ‘Black Skin Disease’ is something to investigate when researching.


As explained above your Pom puppy has a thick, full double coat that give them what we call the "fluff ball" appearance. During your pom puppy's first year, they lose their puppy coat and grow in their adult coat, regaining that full coat look. During this transition, your pom pup will go through what is called ‘THE UGLY STAGE or THE UGLIES’. When they are in their uglies, not only do they lose their coat, but their bodies become disproportionate, they look like they have very long legs, ears that are too big, etc! The Uglies are typically the worst between ages 4-10 months. By about 10 months old, the coat is filling out again and they ‘pull together’ and look beautifully full and fluffy by 12 months.


(Not our pom but this repost shows the change in coat over a year)

Nails and pads

Keeping your Pom pups feet and nails trim can help immensely keep your puppy clean and hygienic, when they are toilet training an excited puppy can leap and bound into their poop or wee. 

Their wooly fur can grow long in between their pads and can carry this around with them. Often you may find they pong even though they appear clean! Check their pads and trim the fur gently down, then clean in between with a sensitive baby wipe. 


Trimming your Pom pups nails should be done with extreme care, if you can see the quick of your pups nail, trim near this and never to it, otherwise you will cause your pup pain and they will bleed. 

If you do not feel comfortable, you can always take to. groomer or Vet who will happily do this for you.