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Feeding guide


When you first bring Pom Pup home, it is very important that if you choose to change from the food we have advised and given you that you follow the guide below and make a slow change over. Poms tend to have very delicate tummys that can easily be upset. A fast change can often cause gastrointestinal distress for your new Pom.



You can make a slow and steady change-over in the following way: 


Week 1: Meals consist of 1/4 new food, 3/4 old.


Week 2: Meals consist of 1/2 new, 1/2 old.


Week 3: Males consist of 3/4 new, 1/4 old.


Week 4: Meals now consist fully of the diet you have chosen to meet their needs.



How often to feed


8 weeks to 3 months - For the first month, it is recommended to free-feed. This means that fresh food is left out at all times. This is because with young pups, blood sugar can drop quickly, and one cause of this is not eating often enough.


Many new pups will need to be reminded where their food bowl is. And be sure to refresh the food (not just topping it off) throughout the day, to avoid it from getting stale (and less palatable)




Pups 3 months to 12 Months - Feed your Pomeranian puppy 3 times per day. If you will be gone during the day for the mid-meal, this can be given via a treat dispensing toy.




Poms 1 year and older - Some adult Pomeranians still do best with 3 meals per day, especially if they are home by themselves as explained above. Others may be happy with 2 meals per day.


Do note that snacks should be given in addition to these feedings; and these are best reserved for training and rewarding good behaviour




How much to feed


If you wish to have a guideline by the cup - and remember this varies greatly depending on the type of food - a general approximation is as follows:




A 1 lb. puppy = approximately 1/4 cup per day


A 3 lb. puppy= approximately 1/2 of food per day


A 5 lb. puppy = approximately 1 cup per day


A 6 lb. puppy = approximately 1.5 per day




Do be sure to use common sense when feeding. You can use the above as a guidelines; however if your Pom walks away from the bowl after 5 minutes, baring any health issues or weight loss, this means he or she is full. And if your Pom eats what you give to him within 10 minutes and looks to you for more, offer another 1/8 cup.